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Where are we?

So, what's the status in 2020?

Last year (2020), we introduced our very first sustainability report. This year we take it a step further and set concrete goals in line with the Science based target initiative (SBTi)

Vestre aims to be known as the world’s most sustainable furniture brand. Transparency will be a core component going forward, as the sustainability space becomes increasingly crowded.

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These are some of the areas in which we have progressed compared to last year, whereas others need a bit more time. Here are a few examples

Carbon intensity15.0 tCO2e/MNOK14.8 tCO2e/MNOK
Share of FSC certified wood<20%48%
Share of post-consumer scrap: steel2.6%2.6%
Share of post-consumer scrap: aluminium>75%>75%
Energy produced in-house122 MWh140 MWh

Vestre materiality assessment

This year, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards has been incorporated into our report. As a part of this work, Vestre has conducted a materiality assessment which has resulted in three material topics for Vestre: Quality, Climate Footprint, and Inclusive Society.

We conducted the materiality assessment to better understand our stakeholder’s expectations of us, and how our stakeholders identify us as a sustainable furniture manufacturer. The Materiality assessment was done in accordance with the GRI framework and was conducted by third-party advisors.

Our key stakeholders

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We are all together on this boat as citizens of the earth
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Fostering a tolerant community for the public discourse


There is no civilisation on a dead planet
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Taking care of our own so we can take care of others
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Providing quality to ensure long-term relationships
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Partnering up with the right suppliers for the long haul

For full overview of our materiality matrix, download our full report.

What do we need to do?

Knowledge about climate footprint is essential to make informed decisions on how to act.

Climate Footprint Final Square

Companies across the globe have been ravaging the commons for centuries now, and it is time to take more responsibility. In a fair and sustainable world, companies should provide a net benefit to society, not only the shareholders. Vestre will reduce our footprint in accordance with our science based targets.

Mapping out the carbon footprint in detail allowed Vestre to focus efforts where most impact could be achieved. Emissions from Scope 1 and 2 are small for Vestre, so the focus area will be scope 3.

All direct emissions from the activities of our organisation or under our control.

Indirect emissions from electricity purchased and used by the organisation.

All other emissions from activities of the organisation, occurring from sources that we do not own or control.

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Vestre aims to be a net provider of energy by 2025.

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Scope 3 consists of 89% materials and 10% transport.

Car bench


The declining carbon intensity shows we are on the right track, but there is still a long way to go.

So, what do we need to do to reach our goal?

We aim to be a business that contributes a net positive to society, and through full transparency we invite you to take part of that journey.

Our value chain consists of



Source with minimal impact and increase recycled content.


Produce our own electricity and minimise wastage.


Utilise carbon neutral fuels short term and achieve zero-emission on all transport medium/long term.

End of life

Take back and give new life to products and take responsibility for all materials.

Vestre vision zero.

Our goal is that all Vestre products shall have the possibility of eternal life. We will achieve this through reuse, refurbishments, remanufacturing and always having spare parts available. Watch this space.


A certain way to know that what you are buying is a good product also for the environment is to look for a type 1 ecolabel, such as the Nordic Swan.

  • Artboard 1 copy 2 2x Sustainable forestry management
  • Artboard 1 copy 4 2x Quality & environmental governance
  • Artboard 1 copy 3 2x Type 1 ecolabel ISO14020

Quality is a key part of sustainability. Our ambition is to achieve a world where the organisation’s contribution to society is a net positive when all externalities are counted and paid in full.

Quality Layered Final Square

Vestre aims to utilise a higher degree of recycled materials.

Quality2 M

Our goals

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Vestre aims to buy climate neutral concrete when available on the market, by 2045
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Vestre aims to use fossilfree steel by 2030
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Vestre aims to buy 100% certified wood
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Vestre aims to buy aluminium with at least 80% post-consumer recycled materials by 2030
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Vestre aims to buy steel with 20% post-consumer recycled materials within the year 2025


The quest for quality and longevity starts with using the right materials.

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90% of the aluminium is made of at least 75% post-consumer recycled aluminium.
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Swedish-produced steel has 30% lower carbon emissions than the world average.
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Most of the wood used in Vestre’s products are FSC-certified.

Products with life-long quality

As mentioned we aim for all our products to have the possibility of eternal life, what we call Vestre Vision Zero. Our commitment to this is reflected through the extensive use of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel (currently more than 250 products) which is a type 1 Ecolabel (ISO 14040).

Another component of that is some TLC throughout the lifecycle. Vestre has established a maintenance team in Oslo which combines both 1) prolonging the lifetime of our products and 2) helps people who struggle getting into the workforce with a first gig.

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Think lifecycle cost
By using lifecycle cost instead of purchase cost we can do away with much of the products that are cheap to buy, but get destroyed quickly. Vestre firmly believes that total cost of ownership should be the measure, favouring high quality goods with low maintenance costs.


The focus this year has been to set a standard on how EPD’s can enable customers to make informed decisions. Vestre has created an EPD for all our catalogue-products.

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To ensure that the meeting places Vestre creates are kept in good shape and utilised, Vestre is developing relationships with end-users to ensure correct maintenance and guidance.

Recycled is not recycled

We got an epiphany when we understood that only 2,6% of our steel had actually been out in the market. The rest had just been scooped back in during the production process.

Recycled, that sounds good, right? We thought so too. At least until we discovered that recycled does not mean recycled. Not in the way we usually think about it at least. Rather, recycled encompasses both 1) the excess material that never leaves the plant and 2) the materials that leave the plant and come back for a second life.


The latter is what most of us recognize and think of when we hear the word ‘recycled’. This term, however, is not a guarantee that your product has been out in the world and done some good. It might as well have been inside the plant all along, constantly slipping over the edge of the melting pot until it finally made its way to your product.

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Josten Søreide at Hydro on the importance of post-consumer scrap

Portraits sustainability and climate 13
Jostein Søreide, Head of Climate office and Circular Economy, Norsk Hydro ASA

"The green transition is all about driving a real change. Recycling and a circular economy is essential to secure this. But not all recycling is equal. The recycling of process scrap is a result of inefficient processing, and needs to be handled to avoid material losses."

"On the other hand, recycling of post-consumer scrap reduces the need for virgin materials, thus helping to reduce pressure on resource consumption and associated environmental footprints. This is what really matters. So when looking into the issue of recycling – ask yourself whether your approach makes a real difference. If not – you are not contributing to the real green transition."

Some materials have just gone completely out of hand. That’s why we were proud to present the world’s first bench made from ownerless marine plastic.

In 2020, Vestre together with Ope and Rune Gaasø took the initiative to set up Ogoori, a company that is aiming to clean up the plastic waste from our oceans and recycle it for use in furniture design. Now we have launched the Coast bench, where the seating is made entirely from ownerless marine plastic shared by Ogoori.

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“It’s an inspiring and gratifying task to design a bench that uses plastic collected from beaches with the help of volunteers. So it feels really good to have created the first bench from this material for Vestre, and to contribute to sustainable development with a product that will be accessible to everyone”
Allan Hagerup – designer of Coast
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Coast is made from steel which has been hot-dip galvanized and powder coated
NIC 2096
Coast's seating surfaces is made of plastic collected from Norwegian beaches
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Allan Hagerup – designer of Coast

Where are we headed?

At the core, Vestre is about creating caring meeting places for all those informal, but extremely important interactions across all human dimensions.

Inclusive society Layered Final Square

Vestre refuses to provide hostile designs, for example benches with spikes created to keep the weakest members of society away from public spaces. Inclusive society encapsulates Vestre's entire ethos, and every caring meeting place created is a win for the company.

In deep contradiction with Milton Friedman’s pursuit of profit mantra we deem it high time that business took global solidarity seriously. We set aside 10% of profits every year to initiatives that support the SDGs.

Partnerships for the goals

Every year we will strive to do better, in all aspects of the business. And every year we will share our journey towards reaching our ambitious goals. Because we strongly believe that transparency, openness and sharing is what will drive the world forward. Because everyone can save the world. A little.

If you want to dig deeper into the hard facts, you can find the full report here

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In places without clocks, time is measured by actions rather than action being measured by time
David Graeber (Rest in power)