General Disclosures

Governance: The organisation is governed through a board of directors and a management team. Sustainability is anchored at the top-level with the owners, and down through the entire organisation. Decision-making on operational affairs is left to the management team, whereas decisions on an investment-scale is usually presented to the board of directors.

Updated: 19.12.2022

Entities included in the consolidated financial statements

ID numberNameEstablished
948140349Vestre AS1988
556572-2344Vestre Sverige AB1999
556623-6286Vestre Production AB2002
35-2651658Vestre Inc2019
HRB208045BVestre GmbH2019
12481501Vestre Ltd.2020
925 796 824The Plus As2020
925 796 794Vestre Produksjon AS2020

Information on employees and other workers

A significant part of the sustainability, graphic design and communications work is performed by external agencies. The scale of this is approximately 2-3 FTEs annually. The data has been compiled directly from the administrators at each office. The estimate on external work based on invoices paid to the various agencies.

Almost all other portions of the organisation's activities is performed by FTEs. In the summer-time during high-season a number of part-time employees might be employed. This number has not gone above 10 people.

In 2020, approx. 67% of our staff was covered by a collective bargaining agreement, and the number is largely the same in 2021.

This data has been compiled directly from the source, accounting.

Share of men and women by country

Part timeMenWomenTotal

Value Chain

Vestre's value chain is by and large situated in the Nordics. We source steel with 20% lower emissions than the average from SSAB, and get most of our wood from FSC-certified Swedish forestry. The metals are being prepared in the Steel Factory and the wood is sent to The Plus. We now have over 90% of our value-chain in-house, making production a core part of our strategy. We powder-coat and assemble the products at The Plus, before sending it out to customer globally. Directly from the makers.



  • From Swedish steel producer SSAB mined and melted in the Nordics
  • Processed and sold to Vestre by Tibnor
  • Galvanised by DuoZink AS in Norway
  • Powder coated by NOT Sinterco AS in Norway
  • Assembled and shipped out from Vestre’s Torsby plant


  • From Norwegian aluminium supplier Hydro:
    • CIRCAL material from post-consumer scrap
    • Sheets from virgin material

  • Powder coated by NOT Sinterco AS in Norway
  • Assembled and shipped out from Vestre’s Torsby plant


  • Raw materials from:
    • Pine from Swedish forests
    • Oak/ash from North America
    • Kebony from New Zealand

  • Processed at supplier Påskallavik Snickeri AS / The Plus
  • Pine is impregnated with linseed oil at Bergs Timber BITUS AB
  • Assembled and shipped out from The Plus

Other materials

High quality suppliers delivering other materials such as nuts & bolts, HPL &c, information available on request


- Vestre establishes partnerships with suppliers aimed at long-term improvement and joint prosperity. Vestre sets hard targets for sustainability and expects suppliers to be committed to the same goals

- Vestre partners with approx. 20-25 main suppliers as well as a long tail of smaller ones. Close to the entire value chain is localised in the Nordics

- Vestre is a member of Ethical Trade Norway, and aims to maintain sustainability on all levels (climate, biodiversity & social) throughout the entire product life from raw material to new material (formerly known as waste)